Classical Pilates

Classical PilatesThe Pilates method is a unique system of resistance training, designed to strengthen, elongate and align the body. Pilates emphasises focus, control and co-ordination. The focus of the work is on developing what Joseph Pilates called the “powerhouse” – the abdomen, buttocks, lower back and thighs – as the body’s centre of strength and control.

Many Pilates studios focus solely on injury rehabilitation Рindeed Pilates is increasingly being taught by physiotherapists.  Workouts are slow and controlled and focused on the area of injury.

However, Joseph Pilates himself was a boxer, gymnast and athlete and his work was originally aimed at training ‘the normal healthy body’, bringing it to its absolute full potential.

When you do Classical Pilates you are experiencing the method as close as possible to the way Joseph Pilates taught in his own studio in New York in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. Born in Germany, Pilates began experimenting with resistance exercise using bed springs while interned in a British prisoner-of-war camp in World War I. He later moved to New York, setup a studio and spent decades designing the equipment and exercises used today.

Classical Pilates is taught on the original Pilates equipment, still manufactured to the blueprints of Joseph’s original designs. ¬†It is a dynamic, energising workout designed to condition the body and focus the mind.

At Powerhouse Pilates Sydney we have a unique approach to Classical Pilates, delivering the authentic method as Joseph Pilates intended, so you are getting the best of what the Pilates industry has to offer.

Types of Classes

  • Private
  • Small groups
  • Mat Classes