About Us


At Powerhouse Pilates Sydney we take a unique approach to the Pilates method.  We are committed to giving our clients the full experience of the strength, power, challenges and excitement of Classical Pilates.

The obstacles in each person’s path to performing the Classical Pilates repertoire are addressed with individually based corrective stretches and exercises. Many clients who present at our studio with serious pain and injury go on to achieve the intermediate and advanced levels of Classical Pilates, acquiring levels of strength and control they did not think possible.


Lea Francis – Director

Teacher Trainer of the Romana’s Pilates Training Program

Lea Francis comes to Pilates from an extensive background in dance. Having trained in Classical ballet, she went to dance in some of Australia’s leading dance companies such as Sydney Dance Company, Chunky Move, Bangarra Dance Theatre and guest appearances with the Australian Ballet.

Lea enjoyed the benefits of Pilates as part of her daily training routine during her career as a dancer. Later sustaining an injury to her knee, Lea found those benefits instrumental during her rehabilitation which allowed her to safely continue her dance career with strength and support.

Lea later returned to The Pilates Method Studio to retrain with Cynthia Lochard as an Instructor in 2002. Lea has since been promoted to Level 3 Teacher Trainer of the Romana’s Pilates Training Program.

Paddy Coary – Instructor

Certified APEA Pilates Instructor
Pilates Diploma of Professional Instruction 9149NSW

Paddy Coary first became involved in Pilates in 2009 when he was looking for a way to complement the weight and cardio training he was already doing for football.

After a short time Paddy was impressed with the effects Pilates was having on his body. “I felt the effects right from session number one and soon began to see the benefits on the field through improved strength, flexibility and coordination.”

After two years as a client Paddy decided he wanted to learn more about the Classical Pilates Method and he began his apprenticeship with Authentic Pilates Education Australia in 2012.

After over 600 hrs of study and training, Paddy certified with APEA early 2014 and also holds his government accredited Diploma in professional Pilates instruction.

Paddy is committed to the Authentic Pilates method and continues his studies and continuing education workshops.

2014 Completed Authentic Pilates Education of Australia Teacher Training.
2014 Completed Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (91491NSW).
Member of Pilates Alliance of Australia (PAA).